Media Production Services


Creative Services develops software, offers IT support and produces media in a variety of formats, broadcast-ready video and audio, CD's or DVD's, web site development, online video to improve your web content or printed material like books, magazines or brochures designed to match to your online presence. But we don't stop there. We can recommend distribution channels and help you with your marketing.

Broadcasting and Distribution

Introduce your channel to the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Europe through major satellite and cable providers and expand your channel to an international audience. Creative Services along with its distribution partners offers broadcasting and distribution services at the best competitive prices available.

Our broadcasting and distribution services include:

   · International broadcasting and distribution
   · Commercial insertion
   · Standards conversion (PAL-NTSC)
   · Local event production and broadcasting

Marketing and Advertising

Expand your channels reach and viewership base to levels never thought possible. Creative Services arranges and manages marketing, advertising and sales tailored to your channels specific market. Our marketing specialists work with you to provide the best possible marketing plan and advertising package for your channel ranging from local commercials to major sponsorships.

Our marketing and advertising services include:

   · Channel promotion
   · Subscriber acquisition
   · Advertisement and sponsorship procurement
   · Local production services with news/event based presence and coverage

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