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Legal Billing for Attorneys, Law Departments and Firms
with billing and task codes as recommended by the American Bar Association
For over twenty years law schools recommended EccoPro as their favorite Outliner. EccoPro's strength lies in the ability to organize information in user-defined outlines preferred by many attorneys. Lawyers' personalities and practice areas come in all shapes and sizes. There is not only the daily grist of a lawyer's practice-appointments, telephone numbers and notes, important is the ability to customize the layout for the most efficient use and to view outline information in the context of related information.
Until the past decade, law firm billing was relatively straightforward. Firms billed their clients in greater or lesser detail, typically providing in-depth narrative descriptions of the tasks and processes underlying their hourly charges. In issuing bills and providing the underlying detail, each firm followed its own approach.
In recent years, however, clients have become more focused in requesting additional billing information of their outside law firms, or asking that billing data be presented in specific formats. This created a need for a uniform set of billing and task categories - detailed describers of activities and expense codes that would be acceptable to both law departments and firms, and that could prevail across American industry, financial services, and commerce.

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New Project Manager Template
Download the new improved Project Manager Template with Gantt Charts. The member download includes the re-designed "ProjectMgr.ect" template, the related video script and a link to a 26 minute high-definition instructional video stream.

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Synchronize Phone and Tablets
MyPhoneExplorer manages your phone calls, files, contacts and text messages from your PC. It not only synchronizes EccoPro but also offers a two-way synchronization of Outlook, GMail, Thunderbird and Windows Contacts between your Desktop and your Android Phones and Tablets.

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