EccoPro on iMac's or MacBook Pro

You should be able to run EccoPro under "Parallels", "Crossover", "Wine" or similar programs which would run legacy 16-bit or 32-bit Windows programs. As tested, you can use the latest EccoProX Installer in a Windows 7 partition of a Mac with the Sierra OS, using Parallels 11. You will also be able to transfer previous Ecco data files to the same partition. For Crossover F.G.E. Clarke wrote recently: "The original EccoPro 32 v 4.01 16-bit Installer will install on an Apple iMac under Crossover 15. The Bottle Name assigned by Crossover is for setup32.exe (see the picture at the right). Once installed the "Setup.exe32 bottle" shows the various options (with Icons). Double click the Netmanage ECCO 4.0 icon and the software executes properly.

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D. H. of Plymouth, MA a semi-retired professor of management and former dean wrote us: "I am very aware of what happens when colleges and universities change from using PC's to Apple products and the treasured legacy software EccoPro is only usable on PC's.
I have faced the problem and kept both a PC and MacBook Pro on my desk at home. This is a pain when I travel."

He continued: "I had planned a trip to my closest Apple Store for some issues with my iPad and iPhone. Your response to my original ticket resulted in me also taking my MacBook Pro along to the Apple Store in Los Gatos, CA. Over the last three years I have tried a number of times to have EccoPro installed at Apple stores since I switched to Apple products and I tried it also with an independent consultant in Santa Cruz, CA but had no luck. Yesterday, after I had the issues with my iPad and iPhone resolved, I brought up my problem with running EccoPro. The person assisting me contacted their business support staff and two tech support staff came out, one who was their most knowledgeable tech on Parallels and Crossover. After about half an hour he had my EccoPro running using Parallels on my MacBook Pro. If it had not been your response to my support request, I never would have thought this was possible. Your response made me to make one last attempt at getting EccoPro running."

"At this point I am happy to report that I am using Parallels 9, Windows7 and EccoProX64 with success. Now I am again very happy to pay not only for current support of EccoPro but will also pay for the past few years when I was unable to access EccoPro on my MacBook."

If you plan to use 32-bit Wine instead of Crossover according to EccoPro user Tim Quinn you should use Wine versions up to 1.7.43 or 1.9.6 or greater. Version 1.7.44 broke EccoPro and all versions up to 1.9.5 do not work (see bug report If you are running 64 bit linux, we do not recommend trying to build 32 bit wine on 64 bit linux.