Installing Ecco Pro 4.01 in Linux using Wine

Ecco Pro is a fantastic tool written for the windows 95 platform in the mid 90's. This tool contains a single pane outliner which I personally feel is the best one available on the windows platform and I have yet to find one in *nix platforms that come close. As I use Linux on my desktop, I have to use vmware workstation and a windows VM to use Ecco Pro and I would rather avoid doing this. So to wean myself off of Windohs platorm almost completely (only exception is Sketchup), I played around with getting Ecco Pro 4.01 installed using wine(1) and it worked perfectly but it took some work to get it up.

Download Ecco Pro 4.01 32 bit:
Go to the original Compusol EccoPro site and download the original 32-bit EccoPro Installer:

Install Wine:
First you must have a modern linux operating system. My reference system is OpenSuse 13.2 which has Wine 1.7.x. According to EccoPro user Tim Quinn you should use Wine versions up to 1.7.43 or 1.9.6 or greater. Version 1.7.44 broke EccoPro and all versions up to 1.9.5 do not work (see bug report If you are running 64 bit linux, we do not recommend trying to build 32 bit wine on 64 bit linux.

To install wine using *Suse do the following:
# su -c 'zypper install wine wine-32bit'
This will install wine 64bit and wine 32bit. Wine 32bit is required to run Ecco Pro.
Create a wine 32 bit wineprefix
# WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=<path_to_wine32> winecfg

This command will create the 32 bit wine instance in <path_to_wine32> and will launch winecfg for this wineprefix. In my case, I used ~/.wine32 . Its best to use the (.) prefix notation

WineCFG Changes:
When Wine Configuration loads, choose Applications -> Windows Version -> Windows XP (should be already defaulted)-> OK
Your wine should now be ready to start installing Ecco Pro.

Extracting the EccoPro Installer Setup:
Assumes that the EccoPro Installation files downloaded are located under <path_to_downloads>. Substitute path for the location on your disk.

Create a temporary install directory:
# mkdir -p <path_to_wine32>/drive_c/temp/eccopro32_inst

Run the Installer extractor tool:
# WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=<path_to_wine32> wine '<path_to_downloads>/ from Netmanage site - Setup32.exe'
You should get prompted with a Wine window "ECCO Pro 4.01.363" with Accept or Decline. Read and click Accept.
Next window prompts for a Destination Folder. Type in: c:\temp\eccopro32_inst and click Install. Note: This just installs the real ECCO Pro installer and is not installing the program.

Running the Ecco Pro Installer:
Inspect the folder <path_to_wine32>/drive_c/temp/eccopro32_inst/ and you should find the following file: Setup32.exe . If this file is not there, please repeat Extract... step above and confirm you entered the correct path.

Running the installer:
# WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=<path_to_wine32> wine '<path_to_wine32>/drive_c/temp/Setup32.exe'
This will load a big blue window and will take a long time to complete loading. Be patient. It should load eventually.
1.First screen to load is the EULA. Read and click Accept.
2.Next screen is Install directory, you can leave this defaulted and click Next.
3.Select the components to install:
• I recommend turning off Network Files, Pilot Link files and Internet Tools
• Enable them if you want to play but for me, I never use these features.
4.Select a program Group. Leave default and click Next.
5.Click Finish
Once complete, you should get a window titled "Installation Complete" click OK.

Running Ecco Pro:
To run Ecco Pro use the following command:
# WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=<path_to_wine32> wine '<path_to_wine32>/drive_c/Program Files/ECCO/ecco32.exe'

Installing Ecco Extension:
First download Ecco Extension from
Open the downloaded zip file and extract all the files to your installed location of EccoPro. These should be under <path_to_wine32>/drive_c/Program Files/ECCO/

Running the Ecco Extension:
# WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=<path_to_wine32> wine '<path_to_wine32>/drive_c/Program Files/ECCO/eccoext.exe'

You could easily create a program shortcut to launch this using your X11 window manager

The Ecco Extension gives scrolling support so its highly recommended. You use eccoext.exe as the main executable for Ecco Pro going forward.

Now you have a running version of Ecco Pro 32 4.01 running on your *nix machine.
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